JOAD Winter Session - Individual


JOAD Winter Session - Individual

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JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) is the official youth development program of the USA Olympic Archery program.  There are several JOAD (pronounced "Joe-add") Clubs around the country, each of which is led by USA Archery certified instructors. The Top Nock JOAD (named for the grooved end of an arrow) program is fortunate to have a number of certified instructors ranging from intermediate to advanced. The club is open to any youth archer age 9 up to 20 and they can compete in different age divisions.

The Top Nock JOAD Program of the West Michigan Archery Center (WMAC) is divided into three levels to allow archers to focus on what they want to achieve, and to optimize practice time with our coaches.

Beginner JOAD  - focuses on proper shooting form, use of equipment, and an introduction to competitive archery.

Intermediate JOAD - builds on skills and focuses on regular participation in competitive archery.  Archers may also participate in our Easton (ESDF) class to refine skills.

Advanced Archery Team (JOAD) - focuses on archery competition, and includes additional practice sessions.

JOAD levels are determined by coaches, and agreed to by archers and parents based on willingness to participate.  See our coaches to determine placement.

JOAD is organized into four "seasons" with each focusing on target archery relative to the types of competition that take place in that season.  The JOAD Winter session is from January to March, covering the appropriate practice sessions for each archer.  Pricing varies by level of archer and membership at WMAC, with additional fees for equipment rental - select options to determine the correct registration type.

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Additional information and schedule can be found HERE.