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Membership - 2016

(Rule #1 - Have Fun)

Email: Work Hours to Mike Roche mdroche@comcast.net 

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Contacts:      Bob Mack            Email:  remackjr@mackconsulting.com   616 446-9509       

                    Lisa Segard           Email:  lsegard@hotmail.com                      

                    Mike Roche          Email:   mdroche@comcast.net                616 304-8888

                    Josh Zuiderveen   Email:  southpeat@gmail.com                  616 634-5156

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The West Michigan Archery Center (WMAC) is an archery education and practice center located in Rockford, Michigan. Our Mission is to introduce people to the sport of archery and to assist archers in developing advanced archery skills.

WMAC is a not-for-profit organization, and in accord with agreements with both Algoma and Plainfield Townships, and the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund, the WMAC facility shall remain accessible to the public for a significant portion of every week.  The WMAC Board is charged with operating the facility.

 Given the non-profit status of the WMAC organization and its dependence on volunteers for its entire operation, the WMAC Board has opted to create the WMAC Membership as a strategy for increasing interest, usage, loyalty and commitment to WMAC services and programs.

 Membership Criteria:

Applicants must possess strong ethical standards, have good reputations and demonstrate a willingness to serve and support WMAC services and activities.

 Membership Process - First time Applicants:

  • Applicants must obtain a Member sponsor. The sponsor must attest to the applicant’s integrity and character.
  • Candidates must complete an application for membership which includes a review of Member obligations including the WMAC “Support Staff Rules Governing Personal Conduct of West Michigan Archery Center,” along with an attestation of acceptance.
  • A $200 application fee, to be written in the form of a check, shall be provided by the new
  • Member at this time, and held by the Membership Committee pending Board approval.
  • Membership applications will be subject to the review and recommendation of the
  • Membership Committee and ultimately the WMAC Board.
  • For first time applicants: depending on the Membership Committee’s familiarity with the Applicant and its willingness to extend a membership offering, the Membership Committee will recommend that the Board move to accept either:
  • Full Membership status which includes complete access to the building and grounds, or
  • Probationary Membership status which includes all Member Benefits except access to the building and grounds, for a period up to six months.
  • Membership Renewal – Ongoing Membership:
  • Membership renewal will also be managed by the Membership Committee and will be processed monthly.
  • Each month, the Membership Committee will identify all members who are approaching their annual anniversary date and submit to them a Notice for Renewal which includes an itemization of hours worked and their fee to be paid.
  • Each member receiving such notice will be required to sign and return their Notice for
  • Renewal along with a check covering their annual membership fee.
  • Concurrently, the Membership Committee will advise the WMAC Board of all Members who are ‘on deck’ for renewal, to provide the Board with an opportunity to address any compliance matters with individual members.
  • Renewal applications should also under normal circumstances be processed within six weeks’ time from the date of notice to final affirmation by the Board.

Probationary Status:

Membership status may be changed at any time; be it from probationary to full based on need, or from full to probationary based on cause.  In both instances, the Membership Committee will be responsible for recommending the change and the Board will then be accountable for enforcement by motion and majority vote.

 Key components of the WMAC Membership are as follows:

  • Annual 12 month membership
  • One membership type – Same Household Family, including two Adult Members and any Same Household Family Members
  • 1st year promotional membership - $200
  • Subsequent year membership - $240 - or less if Member or other Adult member chooses to volunteer hours for needed WMAC services.
  • Volunteer Credits - $5 per prior year volunteer labor hour, capped at $100/year

Key Benefits:

  • Access to all WMAC facilities and services, including:
  • Our indoor 24 lane target range;
  • Our outdoor 90 meter field range; and
  • Our 30 target seasonal 3D course
  • Free access for Adult Members and any Same Household Family during scheduled OPEN SHOOT times.
  • Free access for “qualified’ Adult Members and Family Members under supervision during MEMBER-ONLY times, once probationary requirements (if applicable) are completed.

“OPEN SHOOT” scheduling:

  • 15-20 hours of scheduled “Open Shoot” per week.
  • Schedule to be posted on line.
  • Subject to change for Staffing and/or Special Events.

“MEMBERS ONLY” -  FULL vs Probationary Status:

  • Full Membership Status - 24/7 access, excluding times for scheduled programming.

 Members are encouraged to review WMAC’s WEB calendar for posted changes in scheduled programming.


 Membership Coordination and Communication:

·     New Members:

  • The Membership Committee will distribute a notice of Board approval along with a Membership packet which outlines details of WMAC’s programs and services as well as key organizational Policies and Procedures.
  • A member from the Membership Committee will meet with the New Member to review information included in the packet. Areas of focus include:
    • A review of our key operational policies and procedures.
    • A focused review of SafeSport and the Organization’s expectations for compliance with the “Support Staff Rules Governing Personal Conduct of West Michigan Archery Center” as a condition for ongoing Membership.
    • An overview of WMAC’s programs and services along with a request to serve as a volunteer or coach.
  • Membership meeting: The Executive Committee of the Board will host periodic Membership meetings to report on pressing WMAC business, service and program concerns. Meeting Dates are tentatively Quarterly: The first Mondays in Mar, June, Sept and Dec.

 Cause for Membership Change or Termination:

A Member may be terminated at any time for violation of the policies set forth in the “Support Staff Rules Governing Personal Conduct of West Michigan Archery Center.” The Membership Committee will be responsible for the investigation of any alleged instances with all parties to assure fairness. The Membership Committee will advance a statement of findings and recommendation to the WMAC Board of Directors who shall then have final say on Member Status by motion and majority vote.



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