Outdoor Charity Tournament

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West Michigan Archery Center is hosting the first annual outdoor charity tournament on May 13 & 14, 2017.  This single distance FITA event will benefit local charitable organizations, with half of this year's proceeds benefitting the North Kent Service Center.

This two-day event will be a double FITA (72 arrows each day), based on USA Archery bow and age divisions.  Other events on site during the tournament include:

  • Traxchair drag-races at the mid-way break for youth participants
  • Awards for top three places in each division
  • Food concessions on site.
  • Youth archers will receive a Mothers' Day flower to give to their mother on Sunday during the intermission.


Registration and Fees:

All archers should register online prior to the event by May 10.  Adult archers (senior and master divisions) are $25, while youth divisions (see age divisions below) are $15.

Registration is limited to 100 archers.

Register HERE


Shooting Times and Rules:

Archers will begin the first scoring end at 10:00am each day.  Archers should check in between 8:30 and 9:00am to pick up scorecards and registration packet.  Equipment check starts at 9:00am, with practice ends starting at approximately 9:40am each day.

FITA equipment rules will be applied.  Archers are required to wear appropriate attire (close-toed shoes and no inappropriate language or messages).

Archers must complete in one of the designated age categories as determined by U.S.A. Archery:

  • Yoeman (for archers who are currently 8 and under, or will turn 9 during the 2016 calendar year)
  • Bowman (archers will turn 10, 11, or 12 during the 2017 calendar year)
  • Cub (archers who will turn 13 or 14 during the 2017 calendar year)
  • Cadet (archers who will turn 15, 16, or 17 during the 2017 calendar year)
  • Junior (archers who will turn 18, 19, or 20 during the 2017 calendar year)
  • Senior
  • Master 50+
  • Master 60+
  • Master 70+
  • AR, AR1, AR2, and AR3 (various disabled categories)

All archers will shoot targets per USA archery rules for single target distances.  


Archers may register to shoot either barebow, traditional, recurve, compound, or compound w/fingers.  No NFAA archery divisions will be used during this tournament.

Shooting distances and target sizes:

Age Division Recurve / Barebow / Traditional Compound / Compound w/fingers
Yeoman 122cm target, 20m distance 80cm target, 15m distance
Bowman 122cm target, 30m distance 80cm target, 25m distance
Cub 122cm target, 50m distance 80cm target, 30m distance
Cadet 122cm target, 60m distance 80cm target, 50m distance
Junior 122cm target, 70m distance 80cm target, 50m distance
Senior 122cm target, 70m distance 80cm target, 50m distance
Masters 122cm target, 60m distance 80cm target,50m distance