Requesting a Board Action?

If you would like to request that the WMAC Board review or consider a specific item or topic, or would like to share information or an idea with the Board, please complete our request form, linked below:


Committee Report Submission:

Any members of our existing committees can upload their reports or minutes for review by the Board at the link below:

Board of Directors Resources

Schedule for 2018 Board Meetings:

As agendas are made available, they will be linked on the dates listed.  Minutes will be posted following approval.

  • January 18

  • March 22

  • June 21

  • September 20

  • December 20

Committee Reports:

  • Facilities Committee

  • Academy

    • Education Committee

      • JOAD Sub-committee

      • Coaches Meetings

    • Events Committee

  • Fiscal / Capital Projects

  • 3D Committee

  • Communications Committee

  • Membership Committee

Board Officer Reports:

  • President (Todd Billin)

  • Vice President (Chad Laux)

  • Treasurer (Laurel Korreck)

  • Secretary (Lisa Segard)