(11 Week) 

Program Cost: See an ESDF Coach


 Competitive archers may participate in this structured series of archery classes (if they want to develop skills necessary for strong performance in competitive target archery.) These sessions are more structured to the needs of the competitive archer and his or her development for local, state, and national tournaments. Each session will be up to 120 minutes in length and is based on the Easton Foundation Curriculum which focuses on proper form and technique for competitive archery. Archers enrolled in this course must complete all 11 classes within the session.  The cost of the course also includes use of JOAD archery equipment (although it is highly recommended that archers have their own archery equipment including: a bow, arrows, and appropriately sized safety equipment – check with class instructor for details), weekend practice sessions, and participation in the JOAD or Adult Archery Indoor programs. Membership with USA Archery is required to participate in the JOAD and Adult Archery recognition programs through USA Archery.  

Registration: This course is by invitation only.