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Explore Bowhunting Program

Explore Bowhunting is an outdoor conservation education program focusing on interaction with people and wildlife. Explore Bowhunting teaches students how to interact with the natural world by developing basic skills used to bowhunt which focus on getting close to animals. Not only does Explore Bowhunting teach students how to interact with nature using ageless hunting skills, but it also teaches an appreciation of what is around them and enhances their encounters with the outdoors. 

Explore Bowhunting is an educational program designed to teach students ages 11+ the basic skills of bowhunting. Through these hands-on experiences students gain confidence interacting with the natural environment and strengthen their appreciation for wildlife and the woods. Included with this program will be resources from the National Bowhunter Education Foundation. Students will leave this course with their bowhunter education card, which is required in many states for bowhunting.