Introduction to Archery - Shortened Summer Class

This special shortened introductory course is for all archers who wish to participate in any of our youth or adult archery programs, or those who just wish to learn more about archery and begin practicing shooting with a bow. Archers shoot under the guidance of multiple instructors at the WMAC Facility Indoor Shooting Range over a four week period.

This course offer participants a chance to learn about archery, archery equipment, and the various types of archery shooting. An introductory informational booklet, use of WMAC bows, arrows, and safety equipment are included in the course fees.

Unlike our standard six-week long Introduction to Archery classes, this special, one-time only class will take place over just four weeks, with a reduced cost.

Cost: $50 per archer (includes all equipment for all four sessions.)

Class Schedule: July 9 - 30; Tuesday nights; 6:30 - 7:45pm

Minimum - 6 archers, maximum - 18 archers

Age: 8 or older (adults are welcome, and often, parents and children take the same class)

Equipment: All equipment is included - if you have a bow you wish to bring, discuss this with the coaches after the first class.

Safety Notes:

  • We require all archers to wear close-toed shoes (no flip-flops or sandals), and for those with long hair to keep hair tied back.

  • Archers are fitted with equipment based on eye-dominance on the first class.

  • Safety is our primary focus. If archers are not listening to or following the coach’s safety comments, we reserve the right to remove archers from the shooting line.

  • If there are any physical or developmental challenges for any of the participants, please let us know prior to the first session. We are happy to include and work with most all individuals, but would like to address such considerations prior to the start of class.