Winter Spot League


Winter Spot League

from 70.00

January 8, 2019 to March 9, 2019: 6:00 to 9:00pm each evening

WMAC hosts a weekly Winter Spot League with mixed participants (men and women; compound, recurve, and traditional, boys and girls capable of shooting at 20 yards). This is an informal league and open to all levels of shooters, with participation limited to 40 archers (2 shooting lines). 

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Two weeks before league starts or at the time of registration, one half of the registration fee must be paid for league and the second half of the registration fee will be due on the first night of league.  No refunds after first week of league.  League points will be awarded as follows: one point for winning a game. One point for 3 game total.  All ties get ½ point. And one point for attendance.

  1. League will be every Tuesday for 10 weeks. Banquet on 11th week.  Open shooting available after banquet if range is available.  Range will be open from 6:00 to 9:00pm each evening for shooting.

  2. This will be a Handicap League up to 75% of total (based on number of archers).

  3. The first two weeks scores will also count as a bank score and it will be part of the scores needed to establish a handicap. Handicap will be established after the second week of scoring.

  4. Only two bank scores are allowed.  Attendance point not applicable for bank scores.

  5. Make up scores must be shot the week prior to using them and witnessed. Limit one makeup score.

  6. If no bank score is in the system and no make-up score is shot then the score used will be competitor’s average less 3 points per game.

  7. Make up ends will be shot at halftime on league nights with maximum of 3 ends.

  8. Any further rules or changes will be brought to the league shooters attention as soon as possible.


  1. NFAA rules apply

  2. The timing system with horn will be used.

  3. Archers have the choice of single spot blue target or 5 spot but may not change in the middle of a game (evening).

  4. Payout 

    • First place 25%

    • Second place 15%

    • Third place 10%

    • Fourth place 7%

    • Fifth place 6%

    • Sixth place 5%

    • Seventh Place 3%

    • Eighth Place %

    • Ninth Place 1%

    • Tenth Place 1%

Actual payout amount will be determined once we have the total number of archers in the league.  Payouts are capped to a maximum total award of $1732.50.